Chiba Chemist – Rune Kawasaki [She Jumped] Video

Taken from the ”Helmet Jawz” album by Chiba Chemist to be released on 05/24/2011.

Video directed by Vince Bee

Nicknamed “SHE JUMPED” Inductive Drops the Label`s
First Official Video from the Album.

April 13th, 2011 (Tokyo, Japan)
The Tokyo based music label Inductive will release their first official video titled,
[Rune Kawasaki] from soon to be released album.Inductive embarks
on a mission to globally advance listeners` music experience by combining eccentric
lyrics with esoteric sounds.Bearing this mission in mind, Inductive uncovers a truth of life
and self-inflicted death in Japan in the audio/visual video rendition of [Rune Kawasaki]

[Rune Kawasaki] is based on a true event and ponders the situations leading up to a suicide.
During the course of the track Chiba the Chemist recreates and retells aspects of the story,
“I wanted to explore a number of possibilities leading to the event in detailed curiosity”.
He also stated“That by retelling and reviving this woman`s experience it keeps her spirit alive
and can be beacon for what everyday people go through”. “I wanted to express a story
that is real but not so criminal in terms of guns, drugs and murder. Many people living in
Japan don`t know or live those stories personally, but a story like this is common and easy
for everyday people to relate too”.

The track produced by Audace creates a current in the listeners` atmosphere of
anxiety and uncertainty by layering choral strings and melancholic keyboards.
Lyrically Chiba the Chemist laces the track with an unorthodox off rhythm spoken
word flow. The track plagues the listeners with haunting echoes and daunting life
situations. Using the track`s somber atmosphere and poetic delivery director
Vince Bee weaves a clever use of colors,close ups and break edits
to unravel an unsettling visual tale of the lead character`s maze like




Artwork by Justin Sereni

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