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Chiba Chemist has been at large since escaping one of America`s most notorious city`s, the Arkham Asylum, Nevada. After smuggling his way into Tokyo in May of 2003, his notoriety soared as an artistic radical, who seems to draw acute attention from his lyrics and stage presence, a disquietingly memorable experience on any scene, whose likely return is always dreaded.

Bubbled in the beakers the Chemist fashions a whirl-wind of carefully crafted verses and shells you with his relevant symbolism and descriptive metaphorical story-telling styles. His energy packed lyrics guarantees to move the crowd. Chiba makes use of the stage when he performs, interacting with & feeding off the energy of the crowd using methods such as alliteration and call and response, Chiba hypnotically draws you into the music experience. Not merely an artist who seeks to entertain, but rather skillfully painting pictures in the mind of the listener. His delivery is like a Gatling gun with a silencer on it! Smooth and forceful but not too aggressive.

Oh yea, and tha nigga is funny, but he is also a deep ass thinker. Don’t sleep on him

Skip to the intro, Chiba got his first taste of music at the tough age of 5. His uncle, who was an aspiring jazz musician at the time, had his own home studio. He allowed Chemist and his cousins to experience recording a song first hand. It was about a local girl that they all liked. Those early years set the foundation for the future.

His intro to Rap/Hip Hop music came in the mid 80’s when his older sister, experiMENTALLY injected him with the music of artists such as Whodini, Furious Five and Run DMC. But what impressed him most was when she would freestyle rap and challenged him to freestyle his own licks. Chemist began to freestyle though it took him awhile, he also began to devise formulas composing his real damage. He was 9.

By the time he entered college however, he was free styling original songs, with his destro-descripto style. His first "official" Hip Hop song <Levitate> was written in collaboration with his college roommate, Django McDaniels in 1998.

In Tokyo, Chiba has collaborated with many artists of hip-hop, electro, trip hop and dub step genres. In 2004 Chiba dropped his 1st mix tape dearly entitled <S-10>.

In 2005 up in the laser room with Dj Audace he lyricized Hardliner`s<Converse All-Star Fetish>.

The following year he contributed to The Life Penciled Crew`s 1st album<Hibitanren>.

2007-2009 while tucked in the jungles of Thailand, Chemist concocted the finishing elements for his latest mix tape <Unauthorized Xperiments vol. 1> released by Musou Productions in the spring of this year and his first album <Helmet Jawz> scheduled for release on Inductive in January 2011.



Chiba Chemist
アメリカの中でも悪名が高いネバダ州アーカム・アサイラムを脱出以来、Chiba Chemistは世界各地を股に掛け続けてきた。2003年5月、Chibaは東京に潜入することに成功。









ラップ/ヒップホップとの出会いは80年代半ばに起こった。Chibaの姉がWhodini、Furious Five、Run DMCといった当時のアーティストの音楽を彼に注入していったのである。しかし、Chibaにとって最も刺激となったのは、姉が彼の目の前でフリースタイル・ラップを演じて彼自身にも即興でリリックを発するよう挑戦してきたことである。


大学に入ったころには、脱構築的かつ叙事的なスタイルのオリジナル歌詞をフリースタイルしていた。1998年、彼は大学寮のルームメイトであったDjango McDaniels氏とのコラボレーションによって、彼の初めての正式なヒップホップ曲とも言える「Levitate」を生みだした。



2004年、「S-10」を題名に初めてのミックス・テープをリリースし、2005年には、DJ Audaceとのコラボレーションで、Hardlinerの「Converse All-Star Fetish」を手掛けた。

また、翌年の2006年には、The Life Penciled Crewのファーストアルバム「Hibitanren」に貢献するなど、日本国内で精力的に活動を続けるChibaだったが、2007年突然タイに渡り、ジャングルに2年間潜みながら密かに新曲の調合に励んでいたのである。

日本への帰国から1年を経た2010年春、Chibaはミックス・テープ「Unauthorized Xperiments vol. 1」をMusou Productionからリリースし、2011年1月にはInductiveよりファーストアルバム「Helmet Jaws」の発売を控えている。